“"Integrity and win-win team" is the core concept of Leste's talent strategy.

Talent strategy has always been an important part of Rice's development. "Knowledge, good use of talents, talents, and talents" are Rice's

The purpose of hiring, attracting talents, and developing talents "is the consistent policy of Lacey, as well as Lacey's talent strategy.

During the growth process, first-class talents have laid a solid foundation for the development of the enterprise.

"People-oriented" is an important concept of Leste's corporate culture. Talent is the first resource, the first productivity, and the enterprise's

The basis of development and competition. In Rice, there is a broad space for personal development, an excellent personal growth environment, and effective performance

Assessment incentive mechanism. Rice has provided a good and healthy corporate culture atmosphere for each employee, and has made professional development for employees.

Reasonable planning.

The employees of Lacey have a unique temperament, that is because the corporate culture nourishes our hearts. That is to yourself,

Responsible-honest; keep faith. Commitment to customers; success comes from sincere cooperation.

We look forward to your joining to promote the development of Leide, and believe that Leide can provide you with a broad space for development, I

We will be proud of your success in Lacey, because we believe that every employee will play an important role in achieving Lacey's goals

Important role. We firmly believe that the future of Laiside Valve Co., Ltd. is your best choice to realize your own value. Huan

Welcome people with lofty ideals to join Leste, Leste will give you enough space for you to enjoy!